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Are you a homeowner or landlord looking for energy efficiency information and advice?  Then join us for this free online event.

Tuesday 16th November - Recording is below and Q&As are coming soon


Tuesday 30th November 6.45pm – 9pm Register here

Aberdeen City Council and industry speakers will guide you through targets and measures to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions in granite/stone built homes. See below for more details and the conference program.

Sit down, relax and join us for two exciting evenings of speakers where we will discuss what you can do to reduce your energy consumption and improve your property’s Energy Performance Rating (EPC).  From simple everyday tips through to which insulation measures may be suitable for property and lots more in besides. Start your journey to an energy efficient home here.

Energy Saving Tips

Reducing heat loss in your home

Insulation measures for Traditional Stone buildings

How to Improve EPC rating of your home

Expert speakers on Whole House Retrofit

Advice and Funding Options

Q&A sessions to answer any queries you have.

Tue 16th Nov

Evening Programme week 1

6.45- 6.50pm

Welcome ACC

6.50- 7.10pm

‘Scottish Government - Heat in Buildings Strategy, Regulations & Domestic EPC Reform’ Patrick McCurdie, Policy Manager, Scottish Government

7.10 - 7.30pm

‘Don’t forget the people’ - Ian Smith, Head of Consultancy, Changeworks


7.30– 7.50pm

Importance of Maintenance and repair’ Craig Wilson, Trust Director, Aberdeen City Heritage Trust


7.50 – 8.10pm

Traditional Buildings and Energy Efficiency’ Moses Jenkins, Senior Technical Officer, Historic Environment Scotland (HES)


8.10- 8.30pm

Whole House Retrofit PAS 2035’ Matt Clubb, Architectural Consultant

8.30- 8.55pm

Q&A Panel will answer your questions

8.55 – 9.00pm


ACC Closing and next session agenda

Tue 30th Nov

Evening Programme week 2

6.45 – 6.50pm

Welcome ACC

6.50 - 7.10pm

‘Top tips for improving home energy efficiency, including control of ventilation’ Rod McGovern, Farm Energy Consulting Ltd.


7.10 – 7.30pm

‘Building heat loss/ thermal surveys to target areas for improvement’ Stewart Little, CEO, IRT Surveys Ltd.


7.30 – 7.45pm

The role of the Retrofit Co-ordinator in housing retrofit improvement’ Martin Callachan, Independent Retrofit Assessor

7.45– 8.00pm

‘A Deep Retrofit Case Study’ John Gilbert Architects

8.00 - 8.15pm

‘Reducing Energy Advice and Support’- Scarf Aberdeen

8.15 - 8.30pm

Retrofit Funding Options’ – Home Energy Scotland

8.30 -8.55pm

Q&A Panel will answer your questions

8.55 – 9.00pm

ACC Closing and Conference 2022