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What Skills and Knowledge Are Required

In order to properly manage an energy retrofit project in a large block of flats, it is important to create an in-house team to manage the project on behalf of the owners. This team will guide the other owners through the process and it will be the focal point for interaction with the contractors.

A project team will require expertise in each of the below area.  If there is no one within your building with the required knowledge and experience then you may need to hire additional expertise or obtain training.

Role: Understanding and evaluating technical solutions proposed and communicating with building professionals in the project planning phase

Requirements: Has experience with building projects/retrofits and who is able to understand the technical solutions proposed in the planning phase and who can communicate with construction professionals e.g. a building engineer, an architect, manager of an installation company, a handyman.

Role: Understanding and evaluating plans regarding funding of retroftitting project (loans, subsidies, interest rates, payback terms, etc)

Requirements: Able to understand and evaluate the plans that are proposed by financial experts regarding funding of the retroftitting project e.g. a finance assistant, an accountant, a financial controller, a bank employee working in loans, a treasurer

Role: Checking progress of building works and evaluating if the works are up to the agreed standard

Requirements: Able to keep an eye on the contractors during the project and judge if they are doing a good job and working according to the agreed plans? e.g. a construction worker, an architect, a building engineer, a handyman, an installer

Role: Understanding and evaluating retrofitting plans in terms of energy efficiency gains and in terms of different energy efficiency solutions that are proposed

Requirements: Can understand and evaluate the retrofitting plans in terms of energy efficiency gains and can assess different energy efficiency solutions that are proposed e.g. an energy consultant, an energy coach, a green technology enthusiast, an environmental engineer

Role: Communication of complex information.

Requirements: Able to ensure that all inhabitants of the building are being informed in accessible language about the plans and the implementation e.g. a teacher, a communications expert, a writer, a journalist, a very social person.

Role: Coordinating a team.

Requirements: Able to coordinate the in-house project team that will supervise the retrofitting project from the side of the owners e.g. someone who can guide a team and who can mediate in the case of conflicts.