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Why Retrofit?

Many homes are not energy efficiency.  By installing energy efficiency measures in your home you will:

Improve comfort levels within the home

If you home is not well insulated then you may feel colder than you would like and you may also experience draughts, condensation and mould.  Living in a cold environment can lead to health problems and affect the quality of your life.  By improving the energy efficiency of your home you will feel warmer and more comfortable.

Reduce fuel bills

The cost of our fuel bills keeps on rising and this trend is set to continue. By improving the energy efficiency of your home you can make significant financial savings.

Reduce carbon emissions

Reducing energy consumption also reduces the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.  It is now widely accepted that high levels of carbon in the atmosphere are having a significant adverse impact on the planet, leading to increased severe weather events, such as floods and storms, which affect all of us.  Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of our homes also helps the environment.

The main areas of heat loss within a home are:

poor insulation

Is your property losing heat?

In 2014 Aberdeen City Council created a thermal image of the city.  Although this may seem like a long time ago, unless you have updated your loft insulation since 2014 then the data is still useful. The image indicates the amount of heat lost from each building in the city on a colour range. Blue means little heat has been lost or the building may have been unheated on the date of the flight. Red means you are losing a lot of heat and you should check your insulation levels.

Click to find your property on the Aberdeen heat loss map.